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Apex Legends crashes: Respawn respond to freezing and crashing since Fight Night update

Published: 13/Jan/2021 20:49 Updated: 13/Jan/2021 20:50

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have been troubleshooting mass connection problems in Apex Legends as more players are reporting crashing and lagging throughout the battle royale, leading the studio to respond to the outages.

The PC community has been reeling since the Fight Night update on January 5 resulted in players experiencing multiple problems when trying to get into the Arena, and it’s since started to affect a wider net of users.

But the Respawn developers notified their players that they were indeed on the case soon after getting flooded with mentions and direct messages about the need to fix the login problems and overall state of the game.


In its lifespan, Apex Legends has been hit with huge outages or downtimes, though the developers have managed to move in fast every time to keep the lights on in the Arena.

This time, fans are hoping they can uphold that expediency with the latest problems, as Respawn refocus efforts to rectify the latest episode plaguing their battle royale.

“Hey Legends, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing crashes in Apex Legends and are actively looking into a fix. Stay tuned for more info as we have it,” Respawn said as they explored what was going on in the backend.


The problem has reached its height for a lot of people. Clips show people performing a finisher on one opponent just to exit the animation and being greeted by another person already shredding their shields.

“My ping is like 30-40 and this happens to me all of the time,” one user said, explaining how their games can typically end. “‘Whew I’m behind cover.’ Downed.”

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Respawn Entertainment
Respawn have encountered a few problems with Apex Legends since the Fight Night update.

This was a recurring theme across the PC community as players on either Steam and Origin reported similar experiences or flat out crashing or stalling out in the middle of a match.

The following weeks after a major update like the Fight Night event are jam-packed with players logging back on to the battle royale to see all of the new features and content drop.


As the problems persist, Respawn will want to get everything back on track so the rest of the mid-season event update can go without a hitch, so stay tuned to Dexerto and @TitanfallBlog for the latest updates.