Apex Legends cosplayer brings Wraith to life with insane costume

Brent Koepp

At World Cyber Games 2019 in China, cosplayer ‘LARKTofu’ brought Apex Legends‘ Wraith to life with what is quite possibly the most realistic costume of the legend to date.

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WCG is currently underway in Xi’an, China, with players from all around the world competing in one of the biggest tournaments of the year for a big cash prize and for gaming glory.

Events like these always bring out dedicated fans who like to cosplay as their favorite characters, and show off their hard work. LARKTofu’s costume was not only one of the best cosplays at the convention, but one of the most realistic we’ve ever seen.

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“Follow my path to win”

LARKTofu recreated the legendary ‘Void Specialist’ skin, which costs 1,200 crafting material to make in game. With its spikes and black wiring, it’s a fan favorite among Wraith players.

Fans immediately took to social media to compliment her work because of how accurate it is to the game.

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But the quality of the costume is only one aspect of cosplaying though, as LARKTofu took it a step further and actually hopped up on stage and performed as the character. 

Host and caster Bill Carter posted a video of the cosplayer at the event on Twitter, as she performed in her costume for those that attended.

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Not only did fans get to see the full costume in motion, the female cosplayer also re-enacted the Legend’s in-game movements and stances, while the game’s main music played in the background.

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Apex Legends clearly has a dedicated fan base who want to bring these characters to life. And while there have been amazing Wraith cosplays before, this is perhaps some of the best dedication to the character we have ever seen.