Apex Legends controller champ Genburten reveals OP sensitivity: “It’s cheating”

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Apex Legends controller king Noyan ‘Genburten’ Ozkose has revealed an OP sensitivity that makes it feel like you’re “cheating”, but it does have a few downsides.

As with any multiplayer FPS, Apex Legends has a variety of settings for players to tweak and experiment with until they find the perfect setup.

This is particularly important on controller as movement and aim can feel a little more limited compared to mouse and keyboard.

As a result, many controller players copy the top pros when it comes to sensitivity, hoping to land more shots.

Well, controller champ Genburten revealed an OP sensitivity setup that beams opponents and makes it easy to land huge amounts of damage, but it does limit mobility.

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Season 14 is expected to go live in early August.

Genburten reveals “aimbot” sensitivity in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, Genburten and his squad were talking about the best look sensitivity to use on controller in Apex.

While (4) (3) Linear was mentioned as a strong choice, Genburten also revealed that he’d tried (2) (2) Linear and it felt like he was “cheating”.

The “aimbot” setup allowed him to beam enemies from a distance with ease, but it’s definitely not a setup the majority of players will be used to using.

“(2) (2) Linear is actually broken, it should not be allowed, it’s actually f***ing aimbot bro… it’s cheating”.

While Genburten insists these settings work if you put in some practice with them, they certainly have their limitations.

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As showcased by him and his squad, the turn speed is unbelievably slow, so if you’re opponent’s running and gunning, you’re going to struggle to keep up.

Although Genburten has only used this sensitivity setup in pubs, it may be worth testing out in your matches if you’re desperate to land more damage at long range.

However, while it may be OP for beaming opponents, it’s likely to fall short at close quarters where enemies are usually moving at high-speed.