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Apex Legends community rallies behind creative badge tier concepts

by Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment


Looking to build upon the current unlockables in Apex Legends, this unique concept ramps up the challenge to collect the highest-tiered badges in the popular battle royale title.

February 4 marked the surprise release of Apex Legends in 2019. Rapidly approaching the end of the first year of Respawn Entertainment’s popular free-to-play title, it seems as though avid players are hungry for new challenges.

Having been able to grind and unlock a majority of the badges currently in the game, a unique concept looks to cater to the most dedicated players around the world and provide a true end-game challenge.

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Badges are some of the best ways for the most experienced players to flex their accomplishments.


While there are plenty of badges to currently grind for in Apex Legends, only a select few come with multiple tiers to unlock. From the Assassin challenge to the limited time Fight or Fright badge, there are a number of unique tasks that can be tackled quickly for the first tier, or gradually chipped away at for the higher tiers.

However, the large majority of badges in the Battle Royale are singular, offering only one unique objective and providing a lone vanity item upon completion. 

Looking to overhaul many of the unlockables with more difficult challenges, Reddit user ‘psygaud’ recently showcased five unique badges that they would change. 

Expressing that “a lot of the original badges with only one tier are easy to get in a month or so,” they created their own concept art and expanded on the badges to show just how Respawn could challenge even veteran players.


“It would be nice to have a way to show if you play a lot of different legends consistently, or that you are a team player,” they elaborated, pleading for new ways to showcase their unique commitment to certain playstyles.

Starting out with a more basic challenge that can apply to all Legends in the game, they showed an upgraded ‘Hot Streak’ badge. Currently set to two wins in a row, the new tiers on display would allow players to flex a whopping 10 game-winning streak with each character.

If you’re more of a completionist, one of the most time-consuming badges to acquire would be the proposed tier-IV unlock for the ‘Well-Rounded’ badge. Currently capped at 20,000 damage on eight different Legends, the highest tier in this concept would require players to reach 200,000 with eight unique characters instead. 

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Which Legend would you use to get your first 10-game winning streak?


While a number of these new challenges would likely never be feasible for more casual players, hopping into a lobby and spotting a veteran with the highest tier unlock is sure to be impressive.

With the second year of Apex Legends right around the corner, and Season 4 expected to release on the anniversary, perhaps a number of new badges are on the way, each with their own higher-tiered unlocks for the most dedicated players out there.