Apex Legends community outraged after Twitch streamer berates his wife while live

Twitch: MrsGlockoama

The Apex Legends community is up in arms after seeing a Twitch streamer lose control and yell at his wife on stream while blaming her for getting them eliminated in a ranked match.

Intense emotional reactions are locked into the online gaming experience. While everyone can attest to getting heated in certain moments, the ability to leave that behind and move on once the game ends is invaluable.

While streamers like xQc have built entire careers on the entertainment value of losing their minds, there’s a dark side to Twitch of streamers who don’t know where to draw the line. officialgLockoma is an example of that.

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After blaming his wife for getting them eliminated in an Apex Legends duo stack, he lashed out at her on stream. The footage has taken the internet by storm, with viewers on Twitch and Reddit expressing their concerns.

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Apex Legends can be frustrating, but this streamer took it too far.

As a warning: the footage is deeply upsetting. It shows the husband cussing at his wife while blaming her for any problems they’ve encountered in-game, while also making broadly sexist claims about women in gaming.

“This is part of why women have such trouble in games. Your mentality is based on emotions,” he says at one point. He also berated her over for supposedly placing traps incorrectly, and threatened to leave her if she continues.

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The incident takes an even darker turn after the streamer tells chat that his wife picks at her knuckles “until she bleeds” due to stress, seemingly oblivious to the possibility that his behaviour could be contributing to that.

Naturally, people were outraged over the incident. It drew hundreds of comments on social media, with countless players expressing their concerns. “Domestic abuse situation. English isn’t her first language. It’s like a horror movie,” wrote one user.

Another user pointed out that it doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. “You can go to any of his recent VODs and just skim through to see these arguments happen often throughout his whole stream,” they said. “Very sad!”

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What’s more, the Twitter account of the woman in the video is filled with a series of self-blaming tweets stating things like “it’s all my fault” and “I have shown so much ego and attitude,” which has sparked even more concern.