Apex Legends community calls for ALGS Championship boycott as #LetThemPlay trends

Hiarka and JMW of the ALGS.ALGS

The Apex Legends Global Series’ Championship event wrapped up on July 10, but the community has criticized organizers, after several players were barred from the competition for reasons outside of their control. 

Esports tournaments of all kinds have been brought low by the pressures of the current world health situation, and the ALGS is feeling that weight now.

Several teams were already being forced to play with last minute subs because of these precautions, but on the final day of the event, pro players Hiarka and JMW were removed from their lineup and offered no alternative method to compete.

Once the news began to spread, the Apex community at large rallied around the duo and encouraged other players to force EA’s hand by opting not compete.

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Why the Apex Legends community is calling for EA to #LetThemPlay

It started when Portugese pro Hiarka announced on Twitter that he was being removed from the competition due to a positive test.

“You could let me and jmw play in a room isolated, but no, instead it’s easier to make people play with subs and managers for the biggest tourney of the year,” he suggested to the ALGS team.

From there, fans began to formulate the plot to delay the competition, and it wasn’t long before the biggest names in the space took notice and joined in to help spread the word.

NICKMERCS was one of the first to speak up, saying that he believes that everyone should have their peers’ back in this situation: “If nobody plays, they have no choice.”

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iiTzTimmy also shared in the cause, and reinforced the notion that everyone will have to unite for this plan to make a difference.

“The community has to work together here,” he said.

In the end, the finals went ahead with no boycott, as DarkZero won out in the end.

EA and did not responded to the criticism, beyond a post on the second day of the event where they stated that the health and safety of competitors, staff and fans was the top priority.