Apex Legends clue suggests Bangalore’s brother is the new Legend

Apex Legends Bangalore BrotherRespawn Entertainment

A clue from the Korean version of Apex Legends may have revealed that Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother, Jackson.

With Apex Legends Season 13 on the horizon, Respawn finally added a set of teasers into the game that indirectly confirmed that Newcastle is the next new Legend.

Although a set of major leaks back in March gave the community a rough idea of what abilities he’s going to have at release, very little is known about his personality.

Well, that was until a clue was discovered in the Korean version of Apex that suggests Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother, Jackson.

Bangalore Brother Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Season 13 is expected to arrive in Apex Legends in early May.

Is Newcastle Bangalore’s brother Jackson?

While playing on the Korean version of Apex, Twitter user locojung522 noticed something extremely interesting while completing the Jackson Bow Challenge in the Firing Range.

During the story event, the subtitles for the male voice refer to Newcastle while playing a piece of audio from Jackson.

In the line after this is triggered, Bangalore even calls out her brother’s name in response: “Jackson! Hold on tight”.

Although this could be a mistake, it’s likely deliberate given the recent focus on Bangalore and the devs tendacies to drop hints ahead of a new seasonal update.

If Newcastle is Jackson, we already know a lot about his backstory and lore thanks to the Gridiron Story from the Outlands that released back in January.

With her brother potentially arriving in the Outlands it would make sense for Respawn to flesh out her character and hide a secret clue in the subtitles.

Now Defiance is entering its final stages, it’s less than a month before Season 13 goes live, so the community won’t have too long to wait before they find out the truth.