Apex Legends

New Apex Legends support concept would make looting easier for your entire team

by Eli Becht


With the Season 1 Battle Pass right around the corner, Apex Legends fans are coping with the wait by creating character concepts.


We know the first season of Apex Legends is set to begin sometime this month but we are still waiting on an official release date.

Now that we're over halfway through the month of March the window for it to release is getting smaller by the day.


As fans hunger for information, some of them are taking the extra downtime by designing Legends they think could potentially fit into Apex Legends.

Several of these concepts are pretty bad but there is still a handful of them that are pretty could and would work well within the confines of the game.

Chonk (Support Character Concept)


The above concept, uploaded to Reddit from Imgur by user thetruemaddox, takes a look a new Legend concept by the name of Chonk.

This Legend would fall into the Support role and would actually make looting a lot easier for himself and the rest of the team.


His main power would be the ability to upgrade the rarity of armor which would definitely come in handy as you progress into the game.

If you're a team that doesn't get a lot of eliminations, then you're probably going to be stuck with basic armor unless you loot something good, which is where this ability could come in handy.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Chonk would make a fine addition to Apex Legends.


Another way it stands out is Chonk will be able to find extra ammo for your equipped weapon when first looting a deathbox. This would create extra ammo for your whole team which is certainly never a bad thing.

On the other hand, someone could pick this character and just troll teammates by breaking down every piece of armor they come across, even if the team needs it. 

This would definitely be a Legend you'd want to pick with teammates you know since it'd be easier to communicate what you're doing with them.