Apex Legends cheater in Predator lobby banned live on NRG Rogue’s stream

. 1 year ago
Cheater banned live on stream Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

After being eliminated from an Apex Legends Predator lobby, Tanner ‘Rogue’ Trebb decided to spectate an obvious cheater who was then banned live on stream.

In any competitive game, certain players will go the extra mile to get an unfair advantage over other competitors. This is certainly the case in Apex Legends, where a large number of cheaters can be found dominating in Predator lobbies.

Whether it’s using an aimbot, wallhacks, or even programs that allow players to dodge bullets, all of them serve to make the user almost impossible to takedown.

The only solution players can hope for is that Respawn can detect these hackers and ban them from the game. Well, a clip from NRG Rogue’s stream may have given the community some hope as he managed to catch a cheater being banned live on stream after he’d died in a Predator match.

Apex Legends cheater
Respawn Entertainment
Banning a cheater’s account will often just cause them to create a new one.

NRG Rogue catches Apex Legends cheater being banned

During his May 17 stream, NRG Rogue was playing Apex Legends in a Predator-ranked lobby when he was eliminated by an enemy squad. After spectating the team that killed him, it didn’t take the streamer long to realize that every member of the group was using hacks.

One of the cheaters, playing as Octane, was not only using an aimbot but was also seemingly able to dodge bullets. The hacker was running around locking onto opponents while sitting with only half of his health available.

This left Rogue and his squad speechless as they continued to watch the player rampage through a set of enemies. Despite this, just before the Octane could kill off the entire squad, the cheater stopped moving and received a ban from Respawn.

“Even if I had these cheats I wouldn’t be that good… his teammates telling him he froze too, his teammates telling him he froze, he got banned, he got banned last second.”

Although it’s always satisfying to see a cheater banned from the game, Rogue’s clip only highlights how much of an issue hacking is at the higher ranks in Apex Legends.

Unfortunately, banning a cheater’s account will very rarely stop them from making a new one and using the third-party software again.

Hopefully, in the near future, Respawn can develop a system where these cheaters are caught and punished before they can reach the top ranks of play.

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