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Apex Legends

Apex Legends ‘Champion’s Bar’ would make winning games even sweeter

Published: 24/Mar/2019 1:18 Updated: 24/Mar/2019 1:24

by Alan Bernal


Winning a game of Apex Legends can be thrilling as well as incredibly rewarding, and a new idea would actually give the player access to an exclusive part of the game made solely for Champions.

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Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has a fun lore attached to its premise: Contestants compete in the Apex Games to determine who is fit to be called a Legend.

So Reddit user ‘JR_Hopper’ suggested a Champion’s Bar be added to the game where recent match winners could socialize while watching other games currently in progress.

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A cool feature idea I had for the game: Add a ‘Champion’s Bar’ in which players and squads can socialize and watch other matches in progress sports bar style. It can also double as a matchmaking lobby with features for checking your armory/skins. Players gain access for 24 hours by winning a match. from r/apexlegends

The idea would be a clever and simple way of showing off a player’s recent feats, since the Redditor’s suggestion would only let players enter if they’ve won a game in the previous 24 hours.


From this exclusive lobby players could meet up with other winners to either hang out or team up in a room filled smaller screens to view live matches.

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Respawn EntertainmentThe Champion’s Bar could add another incentive to continuously grind out games for Champion screens.

JR_Hopper’s proposed Champion’s Bar would let players view matches through the perspective of every game’s Kill Leader, giving players currently in King’s Canyon a new spotlight to fight over.

The bar could also be used as a sort of matchmaking lobby which would let a player view their armory and skins while they wait to get into a game.

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Other commenters were quick to throw in their ideas of what the Champion’s Bar could have, with one user saying there could be a way to bet on live matches with in-game currency.


While Respawn might not be too keen on letting players indulge in gambling through their game, the lobby could be a great way to add a bit more immersion into the game’s world.

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Though Apex Legends players will probably be spending most of their time racking up kills in King’s Canyon, the Champion’s Bar could be another incentive to grind out more games.