Apex Legends IRL gas trap goes viral after Caustic main uses 3D printer

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An Apex Legends player recently shared footage of an impressive Caustic gas trap they made using a 3D printer.

The trap counts among Caustic’s signature tactical moves. Players can throw the canister to arm it with gas, then shoot it to activate the effects. The canister additionally serves as a proximity mine when left alone.

Akin to several other noteworthy tools in Apex Legends, this particular weapon has become a collectible item in the real world. Artists on stores such as Etsy sell replicas of Caustic’s gas canister, for example.

But one Reddit user has gone above and beyond in terms of bringing a bit of Apex Legends into reality.

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This 3D-printed Caustic gas trap is beyond amazing

A Reddit post from user ZRE1990 is making quite a splash in the Apex Legends subreddit, thus far garnering well over 25,000 upvotes.

The post showcases footage of the Redditor’s “full size,” 3D-printed gas trap, which even shoots out fog from all sides.

Further down the thread, the Caustic main noted that building the device took “months.” That much seems evident in the incredible build quality.

And the hissing sound that’s sparked when the fog flows out serves as yet another awesome touch. (Using the Nessie plush for scale is a nice touch, too.)

One person in the comments said the 3D-printed Caustic gas trap would make for a nice humidifier, to which someone else noted that such a product already exists on Etsy.

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Suffice it to say, the creativity of the Apex Legends community knows no bounds, further evidenced by the impressive cosplay costumes that make the rounds every so often.