Apex Legends Caustic buff idea would change how his gas damage works

Alex Garton
Caustic Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has developed a buff idea for Caustic that involves adding a gas ‘diffusion’ mechanic to the Toxic Trapper’s tactical. 

For the majority of Caustic mains in Apex Legends, the Toxic Trapper hasn’t been the same since his hefty nerfs during the Chaos Theory event.

With his Nox Gas Traps currently dealing a flat 5hp per tick instead of the previous 6hp to 12hp ramp over time, there’s no denying that Caustic’s power as Legend has taken a serious hit.

Caustic mains have been calling out for Respawn to revert the nerfs for some time, but the devs have remained steadfast that the changes to his tactical were necessary.

Well, instead of asking the devs to return Caustic to his former glory, one Apex player has developed their own buff idea for his tactical. The change involves adding a clever gas diffusion mechanic and it’s got a lot of attention from the game’s community.

Gas diffusion caustic
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic’s main strength as a Legend is his ability to control and lockdown an area.

A new way to buff Caustic?

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit presenting a buff idea for Caustic’s tactical has garnered over 13,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Apex_mr_mirage’s change involves adding a gas diffusion mechanic to Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap tactical. This means players would take more or less damage depending on how close they are to the canister emitting the gas.

This would add a level of out playability to the Toxic Trapper’s tactical and require enemies to take note of where his traps are placed. According to the graphic, each trap would have a radius of gas split into three separate sections.

The inner radius would deal 9 damage per tick, the middle radius would be 7 damage per tick, and the outer radius would be 5 damage per tick.

While Respawn would probably need to add visual indicators for each radius in the gas, this idea would definitely make Caustic more interesting to play against.

On top of this, it would force Caustic players to create specific trap layouts to maximize damage in certain areas.

This is exactly the kind of change Caustic mains are looking for, one that makes him powerful and exciting to play, but also gives enemies the opportunity to avoid damage if they’re skilled enough.

Hopefully, this is a buff concept that pushes Respawn to make changes to Caustic’s tactical and give his gas clouds a little more lethality.