Apex Legends bug turns Mad Maggie’s explosive ult into a complete dud

Mad Maggie in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie was designed to be an unstoppable force in Apex Legends but this bug with her ult completely stops the Rebel Warlord in her tracks.

Mad Maggie is a character who has only been minorly impacted by bugs for most of her still-young lifetime in Apex Legends.

While there have been some problems with her drill not penetrating through certain surfaces, she has mostly remained free from the bigger problems which have weighed down abilities like Wattson’s ult in the past.

Unfortunately, she does have one big issue, and when it pops up it makes the doors of Apex Legends feel like they’ve been upgraded to vault status, blocking any and all traffic from coming through and breaking it down.

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Mad Maggie bug makes some Apex Legends doors impossible to break

The problem occurs when attempting to unleash Maggie’s ultimate. Usually, the wrecking ball will blow clean through any obstacle in its way, but that power mysteriously vanishes if a player makes one mistake.

The ball must contact the ground before hitting the door if they want it to clear a path. Chucking the explosive right against the barrier will cause it to be magically nullified, reduced to nothing more than a children’s bouncy ball for all intents.

When this happens, the ult will still explode like normal and leave its speed boosts all over the ground, but the big boom doesn’t have much of an effect other than that.

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Naturally, this has left players scratching their heads over the exact cause. One fan also noted that watching the ball do its best to break down the door is quite upsetting in some ways.

“The fact it keeps trying to slam into the door but doesn’t make a dent makes it a little sad actually,” they remarked.

A second player joked that everyone else’s expectations were too high and that the ball was “trying his best” to get the job done.

While it’s nice to know that this problem can be avoided with some well-thought-out aim, it’s certainly annoying to have to keep this little trick in mind in the heat of battle.

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