Apex Legends bug may have revealed World’s Edge UFO landing spot

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

A glitched hologram for Hammond Robotics on World’s Edge could be an indication of where Apex Legends’ ‘UFO’ will land, as speculation for Season 7’s events is starting to grow.

Most in the Apex Legends community will remember we got our first look at a UFO-esque point of interest during a developer livestream in June. At the time, Respawn glossed over the enormous vehicle floating off Broken Coast South, leaving players to wonder when they would act on the strange locale.

In early September, a leaked walkthrough of the supposed UFO revealed the kind of structure for the POI that players can expect, but again, no concrete details on when it will come to the game were released.

Though that still remains to be the case, a bug near the Skyhook location on World’s Edge is giving new hope of where we could at least see the object in the Apex Arena.

In the opening moments of a match, user ‘Dill_P1’ clipped an instance in which a Hammond Robotics holo can be clearly seen, although its light source wasn’t readily apparent.

The Skyhook, and the Space Elevator structure within the POI, sits on the northwest portion of the map. While the player was looking for a place to land on the map, a flickering Hammond Robotics logo could be seen toward the bottom of the screen.

The logo was grayed out instead of the bright white image that’s appeared numerous times before in the game. Not only that, but it also was the beginning of a match, just seconds after players were allowed to drop, meaning no one could have already been there to activate the beacon that traditionally lights up the holo.

“So it looks like the UFO could be over Skyhook at the Space Elevator,” prominent dataminer ‘ Biast12’ said, speculating if the ‘glitch’ is hinting at anything. “That would also kinda make sense since you would be able to go on the UFO from the Space elevator”

Previous images for the Space Elevator showed Legends placed on various locations on the gigantic structure. This could be an indication that Respawn had planned for players to eventually scale the building.

As the season continues, players will be keeping an eye out for any clues that Respawn might sneak into Apex Legends that could give more indication of where the UFO could land, if, of course, it’s even coming.