Apex Legends bug makes Valkyrie extremely annoying to play against

Jaret Kappelman. Last updated: Aug 27, 2021
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a variety of characters to fit various play styles. Valkyrie allows you to play aggressively and get in the face of other squads. But, this latest bug will have you running far away from her as she reveals your location forever. 

Valkyrie can maneuver around the map very quickly with her abilities. Her passive, VTOL Jets, allows her to stay in the air and fly around for a short period of time.

However, Valk’s ultimate is what gives the most mobility in her kit as it allows her to relaunch into the air and reveal all enemies within 250 meters.

Players have complained about Seer’s abilities being overpowered, but this Valk bug may take the cake, as it continues to scan for enemies even after landing.

Valkyrie’s ultimate scan stays after landing 

Players that pick Valkyrie are typically looking to be on the move. When seeing her fly at you with her ultimate, players run in fear as they know they are being revealed.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘EmanShamku’ shows how frustrating this could be for enemy teams, as the scan from the ultimate never went away.

In the post, it says the Valkryie disconnected from the server before landing. So it appears that the game still registered her in the air, causing her scan to stay up.

Although this causes the squad with the Valk to lose her from the game, it can be super frustrating to be seen through walls while taking gunfights.

The good news is that the scan does not continue to reveal players as other groups approach. So while it’s not entirely game-breaking, players are hoping it gets fixed soon, as it can be very irritating.