Apex Legends bug makes buying extra Crypto drones pointless in Arenas

Lawrence Scotti
Apex Legends Crypto
Respawn Entertainment/EA

A bug in Apex Legends Arenas was discovered that makes purchasing a second drone on Crypto completely useless.

As Apex Legends’ Season 9 comes to an end, players are preparing for a very exciting Season 10, which Respawn Entertainment is calling Emergence. Emergence is set to launch on August 3, and players are being teased with content ahead of the game’s tenth season.

The upcoming season will revolve around a new Legend named Seer, who was teased with an incredibly cool origin trailer that shows how he got his powers. The new season launch will come with the release of Seer.

There is also the addition of Ranked Arenas, which as the name suggests, is a ranked version of the 3v3 Arenas mode. However, there appears to be a few issues with Crypto that are limited to the spin-off game type.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Arenas seem to have a handful of unfixed bugs.

One bug that was found was by Reddit user Cybermank, who noticed that buying drones on Crypto in Arenas is useless, as after you use the first one all of the drones in your inventory are depleted.

In the video, the player has two drones in their inventory heading into the round, but after one is used and destroyed by opponents, the other one is no longer in the player’s inventory.

On a second look, the game appears to show that a second drone is available for a few milliseconds after the first is destroyed, but the counter ultimately resets to zero, causing you to lose some valuable coins.

Upon seeing the slip-up, players noted that they’d had similar issues with Crypto too. “So that’s weird! I have the same bug BUT it always leaves me with one drone. It seems to expend one charge of the ability every time you press the ability button. When you recall, it does not refund you the drone. It always refunds my last drone through. I don’t know what is going on with Crypto. Loved using him with snipers in arenas.”


Another player commented on the post, saying: “Arenas are so f**king bugged its so annoying. You can’t pick up walls, charge sentinels, use black market, etc. Sometimes you can, but 75% of the time you can’t”.

Crypto’s power in Arenas is significantly lower due to this bug, as he can’t reach the potential of his full kit, but we’ll have to wait and see if Respawn fixes things.