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Apex Legends

Apex Legends bug lets players instantly revive with Octane’s Launch Pad

Published: 27/Mar/2020 3:25

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends players have uncovered a new issue with Octane’s Launch Pad that allows them to instantly revive teammates in the midst of battle.

While it only takes a handful of seconds to revive downed allies in Respawn’s battle royale, players have uncovered a new glitch that completely skips the process.

Rather than having to lower your weapons and take time out of your action-packed run, this new Launch Pad glitch can keep you and your team in the fight with ease.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s Launch Pads surprisingly change the way you can revive teammates.

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Having made it through until the latter stages of a match on March 26, Reddit user ‘matonse’ was stuck outside the safe zone with a downed teammate at their feet.


Instead of simply reviving the player and carrying on with their match as per usual, the Wraith player found themselves bouncing up and down on a set of Launch Pads that their allied Octane had left behind.

Launching into the air while their health slowly dwindled away, the player was caught off guard by a surprising interaction that allowed them to bypass the revive animation and instantly bring their teammate back to life.

[BUG] Instant revive with octane pad from apexlegends

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In a split moment as their feet touched the ground, the player knelt down and started to revive their teammate. Barely assisting for even a second before they were launched back into the sky, it seemed as though the revive simply wouldn’t be possible with a Launch Pad in the way.


To their surprise, however, Octane magically got back to his feet and started to run around before being taken out by the zone once again.

Confused as to how exactly the glitch came into effect, the player outlined how “the bug just happened.” “I wasn’t actually trying to make it happen. I would say the bug was caused by me jumping up and down non-stop on the Pad, not because of the [zone] damage,” they explained.

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Not the first head-scratching revive bug in Apex Legends, a November 2019 issue also had players reviving teammates instantly

Though that particular glitch seemed to do more harm than good, it appears quick-revives have been an issue for quite some time in the battle royale title.