Infuriating Apex Legends bug is deleting ranked progress in Season 10

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Apex Legends players are raging as an infuriating bug appears to be deleting Ranked Leagues progress in Season 10. 

Respawn Entertainment’s latest season of Apex Legends has ushered the game into an interesting era. Arenas is popping off and elevating the quality of competitive competition like never before. Players are pushing the boundaries of the skill ceiling. Every hour spent in Kings Canyon gives way to a miraculous discovery. 

The sky is barely the limit when it comes to Apex’s invigorated evolution into a battle royale giant. Nevertheless, as beautiful as Apex’s world might be, there will always be trouble in paradise. 

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The new Legend, Seer has been the main focus of the new season, mainly due to his outstanding abilities.

Hours of Season 10 progress deleted forever?

Those more inclined to engage in spicier gunfights will commonly find themselves hopping over to the ranked section. Promising challenging foes and the chance to boast about your ranked placement, players aren’t hesitating to test their skills in the ultimate battle.

In a frustrating turn of events, all that blood, sweat and tears might have been for nothing. Multiple players are reporting their ranked progress is getting phased from existence. 

Plaguing the ranked experience, many have sweated for hours only for their achievements to be reset partially or lost completely.

Ranked gameplay is made up of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator placements. All tiers apart from the latter are split into four divisions. The journey to progress upwards is not a short one.

Plenty of other players reported similar problems, with Ranked progress being undone as soon as they restart or exit their game.

To add salt to the wound, gamers can’t even retrieve their hours of work as no solid solution has been found.

Disgruntled fans have fled to Twitter in hopes of an answer, with EA confirming they are investigating the issues.

With no signs of slowing down, Season 10 is moving on with or without these fans. Hopefully a patch will be released in the near future.