Apex Legends bug brings back classic World’s Edge — but there’s a catch

Philip Trahan
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Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players discovered a bug that lets them visit the first iteration of the World’s Edge map, but unfortunately, players can’t explore it for long.

Many players consider World’s Edge the best map that Apex Legends has to offer thanks to great places of interest and varied environments.

Though many have largely enjoyed the changes Respawn introduced to World’s Edge since its release, some want to see the first iteration of World’s Edge come back to the map rotation.

While not exactly what players were expecting, an Apex Legend player has found a bug that lets you see “Classic World’s Edge,” but only by flying out of bounds.

Apex Legends bug brings back classic World’s Edge

Lava Siphon Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Though parts of World’s Edge have remained the same over the seasons, new POIs like Lava Siphon have changed the landscape significantly.

An Apex Legends subreddit user named ‘Lucyan96‘ posted a video of the bug where they play as Crypto and drop off the map at the start of the game.

Lucyan96 drops off the south side of the map just before The Dome POI and flies along the cliffside into the lava.

However, instead of dying out of bounds as would normally happen, they continue straight past the lava underneath World’s Edge.

After a bit of time, they are able to see the full layout of the original World’s Edge reflected underneath the current version, albeit with strange graphical glitches abound.

Eventually, Lucyan96 isn’t able to fly any further down and is essentially stuck looking at this reflected version of the old World’s Edge map.

It’s unclear how they get out of this bug due to the video’s short length. Regardless, players interested in recreating this glitch should do so at their own risk, especially if they’re playing Ranked.

After all, Respawn usually doesn’t take kindly to players abusing exploits to win games.

Though the first iteration of World’s Edge probably isn’t coming back to Apex Legends for some time, it’s interesting to know that it hasn’t really left in a strange sort of way.