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Apex Legends bug breaks Octane’s double jump in the worst way

Published: 15/Sep/2020 20:45

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends bug in Season 6 is breaking Octane’s double jump, giving the character an infinite amount of extra hops that actually keeps him grounded to the map more than anything.

After using the Adrenaline Junkie’s Launch Pad ultimate ability, there are times when the game can glitch that prevents players from getting a complete double jump off. The bug can randomly affect Octane’s jumps, which repeats the issue once it is encountered.


Normally, when the character uses one, they’ll have a prompt to press the jump key again to get a second leap in mid-air. There are unique sound bites accompanied by using the ultimate that can be heard while the glitch is activated.

Like user ‘Fish_Smell_Bad’ showcased in their clip, when the bug comes online there seems to be an indefinite amount of double jumps that can be ‘activated’ but not necessarily used.

octane apex legends season 6
Respawn Entertainment
The Octane glitch botches his double jump, and it could be linked to packet loss.

“This bug only happens sometimes when you take a pad, but other players can not see it,” they wrote. “It’s new in S6 and very annoying but not too game breaking. And to my knowledge it has nothing to do with ping.”

Debunking the bug’s connection to ping was prompted by other users linking the glitch to server issues or the like. Although some believe that the problem stems from an initial disruption with packet loss while using a Launch Pad.

“I’ve noticed it happens when you go jump as you hit the pad while there’s a bit of packet loss. Nothing to do with ping,” one user wrote.


I’m posting this here because someone else posted about the same bug but with very wrong information. This bug only happens sometimes when you take a pad, but other player can not see it. It’s new in S6 and very annoying but not too game breaking. And to my knowledge it has nothing to do with ping. from apexlegends

In the clip, every time the person goes for the jump and activates the bug, a connection issue icon can be seen in the top right of the HUD.

Additionally, the presence of the glitch could put Octane players in an awkward predicament with their teammates since Fish_Smell_Bad’s squad said that they couldn’t hear the bugged sound queues.

Clearly this is something that could really disrupt a match, and it would be something that Respawn could look into if it starts to affect more Octane players who have to contend with the bug at random.

Apex Legends

How to instantly enter Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends Season 6

Published: 19/Oct/2020 9:41

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a clever new way to quickly access Crypto’s drone, but it might not be around all that much longer. 

Since Respawn released Apex Legends back in February of 2019, the roster of legends has grown and grown – giving players a tonne of different ways to play the battle royale as they go in search of wins. 


With the addition of a new legend each season, players have the chance to rethink things, figure out new strategies, and ultimately learn a whole new set of abilities. 

This can lead to some pretty neat tricks being uncovered. In the case of Crypto, players have always tried to find quick ways to get into his drone. That’s included jumping on top of bins and charge towers, but now, there is a new way to instantly access the tactical ability. However, it might not be along for all the long. 

Crypto looking to the sky in Apex Legends
Crypto has become one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters as the seasons have unfolded.

The new way to instantly use the drone was pointed out by Reddit user bricious, who showed that you need to have a holo-spray ready to go for whenever you want to use the drone. 

By tossing out the holo-spray while also quickly tapping the button you use to access the tactical ability, the animation that loads up the drone will be canceled right away and you’ll instantly be able to fly around with the drone. 

Similar to the Octane speed boost glitch seen earlier in Season 6, it’s all about the timing, but it doesn’t look ultra-difficult to perfect either. 


Pro Crypto tip: Press the tactical button while throwing a holo-spray to instantly get in the drone. from apexlegends

Yet, as some other players pointed out, it might not be around for too long given the leg up it gives to Crypto mains by cutting out the initial loading animation.

Some other players, like Redditor SnaxelZ, pointed out that because it needs a holo spray, the tactic is also pretty “pay to win.” However, we’ll just have wait and see as to whether or not Respawn decides to patch it.