Apex Legends buff idea gives Bangalore’s Smokes mid-air detonations

apex legends bangaloreRespawn Entertainment

A fan-made Apex Legends buff could be a great start to give Bangalore’s tactical ability, her Smoke Launcher, a bit more flexibility by adding a nifty mid-air detonation mechanic.

Despite a cult following, Bangalore is far from the best character in Apex Legends. Her abilities don’t really stack up to some of the game’s new offerings, with her smokes being rendered useless by all the Recon abilities flying around.

However, a neat change to her tactical ability could give her an extra way to use her Smoke Launcher, and some players argue it’s a much-needed quality of life update.

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By shooting a smoke into mid-air, as Reddit user rsk_jp’s concept shows, a player would be able to reactivate the ability while it’s in the air to split the projectile and make it plume on that area.

This wouldn’t necessarily make the Legend’s ability stronger, instead, it would simply open up the capabilities of where her smokes could be deployed.

The Smoke Launcher buff would even give players a way to expand the veil of gas by detonating the tactical at certain distances, providing for even more ways of using the ability.

Bangalore players were praising the idea since the buff would finally give the ability some use against opponents at higher elevations.

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“I’m a Bang main and I was honestly looking for some change with her kit just like this,” one user said. “This would make a huge difference in Ranked or areas where the enemies have high ground.”

If a team is ambushed by an enemy squad from high above, the Professional Soldier would only be able to smoke around her, which wouldn’t provide much cover. But with the proposed change, Bangalore players would have a lot more ways to stay alive.

apex legends bangalore smoke caustic

Even with the change, however, Apex players agreed that Respawn Entertainment needs to find a way to give Bangalore’s smokes more utility to at least counter the scan meta.

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Though this change wouldn’t go as far as to protect her from Bloodhound’s scan, it would give Apex Legends players a new way to use her lackluster kit.