Olympus map changes in Apex Legends Season 12: New POIs, more

Apex Legends Olympus gameplayRespawn Entertainment

Olympus returns to Apex Legends, overhauled for Season 12 Defiance, so here’s everything you need to know about the sabotaged map.

As Apex Legends continues to progress, players have experienced grandiose new maps such as the tropical Storm Point and World’s Edge. Olympus first appeared in Apex Legends back in Season 7 and was an instant hit with casual and hardcore players alike.

Now after being absent from the game since the start of Season 11, it’s finally time to drop back into this incredible location. But this time around, there will be some changes.

Apex Legends Season 12 control dominaton modeRespawn Entertainment
It appears that Olympus has been teased in Season 12’s key art too.

Phase Driver

The Phase Runner on Olympus has malfunctioned, almost resulting in its collision with the city below. This event has also caused randomly spawned objects stuck in the phase to be littered throughout this POI.

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The Phase Driver POI is located in the newly expanded South side of the map. Its a large, circular shaped POI with an open environment around the center device.  This creates various combat situations, so it’s not too hard to get into interesting fights after dropping.

Players can also interact with the new Phase Driver. Upon activation, 3 loot rollers will phase in. Also, at least 1 Gold-Tiered ball is guaranteed each activation and there will be a 45 second cooldown before it can be activated again.

Phase Driver OlympusRespawn/EA
Phase Driver is a brand new POI in Olympus.


According to Respawn, “Terminal is a large interior POI that acts as a new central routing area for the map. With 5 entry points and exterior elevated platforms, Terminal’s presence and effect on the surrounding area will change the way players flow and engage in the open areas around Labs and Bonsai Plaza.”

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Terminal serves as a opening that keeps engagements flowing when rotations are being made, while also being open enough to spot teams wanting to third party.

Terminal POI Respawn/EA
Terminal is a new POI on Olympus that acts as an opening between Labs and Bonsai Plaza.

Shifted Grounds

With the introduction of the new Phase Driver and its related components, Olympus needed to expand. As a result, a new piece of terrain has been added on Olympus’s south side.

Pre-existing areas of Solar Array, Icarus and Bonsai Plaza have all been shifted to accommodate this new expansion.

Shifted Grounds on OlympusRespawn/EA
A new section of terrain has been added on Olympus.

New North East Path

To limit the amount of chokepoints and create a smoother flow of gameplay, Respawn has added a new hallway entry point in the North East of Olympus, where Turbine connects to Rift.

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New Hallway in OlympusRespawn/EA
Respawn has added a new hallway addition in the connecting area between Turbine and Rift.

More Small Additions

In addition to these Olympus map changes, Respawn has also added many minor tweaks and additions throughout the map which were detailed in their blog post. Some of these additions include:

  • Zip lines and other props around the map to help non-mobile players get out of sticky chokes and up to elevated areas better
  • Some unfair elevated areas that were only accessible to mobile characters have been removed or blocked off, such as the crane arm to the South West of Rift.
  • 4 additional lootbins to Oasis on the East side of the POI to introduce a new landing/looting route and alleviate some of the issues of everyone landing at the same 3 spots to loot at this POI

So – that’s everything you need to know about the Olympus map changes coming to Apex Legends Season 12, which will arrive on February 8, 2022.