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Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Bloodhound receives useful upgrade to their ultimate

Published: 17/Jan/2020 14:01

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered a new use for Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability that allows them to scout out the tier of a potential shield pick up.

While Fortnite has it’s building and PUBG has incredibly realistic shooting, the one thing that sets Apex Legends apart from its battle royale counter-parts is the different Legends.

There is a character that, pretty much, suits every different playstyle. What to play defensively and take your time? Choose Mirage. Want to get right into the action and battle foes quickly? Pick Wraith. However, one legend that started off pretty popular and slipped down the ranks is Bloodhound. Yet, the recon legend could get a revival after a new use for its ultimate was uncovered.


An image of Bloodhound from Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound was once one of the most-played characters in Apex Legends.

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In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user th3professional pointed out that the Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability lets players see what level of armor is around them by showing off the respective color level. 

With normal settings, some colors are more distinctive than others and its easier to make out blues and purples than white and gold. However, with the tritanopia color-blind settings enabled, everything becomes a little easier to see – but your red holographic sights will now become yellow. 

Haven’t seen this anywhere on the sub yet, but Bloodhound can now see shield colors in their ultimate! from apexlegends

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While using the different settings may very well give some players a slight advantage, others had different ideas for a way to help Bloodhound become a more powerful legend.


“Would be cool if he could tell the shield color with his ultimate on enemy players,” commented one Redditor. Another, JustAPotato2001, added: “Instead of the Gibby buff, this could have been a potential buff to Bloodhound.”

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Of course, any future changes have to come from Respawn themselves and only come once everything from balancing to potential glitches are taken into account.

Who knows though, we could see a more powerful Bloodhound in the future. For now, at least, there are slight additions to the Legend’s ultimate and that’s what we’ve got to work with.