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Apex Legends Bangalore buff would be perfect Thermite Grenade counter

Published: 9/Dec/2020 14:42

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends player has come up with a simple buff concept for Bangalore that would allow her to extinguish Thermite Grenades with her Smoke Launcher tactical.

Bangalore has been apart of the roster of characters since the game’s release back in 2019. She’s always been immensely popular with fans of the title and has the most straightforward soldier-like kit and abilities.

This makes her a go-to Legend for players who are seeking a typical FPS character. However, some fans believe her abilities are a little one dimensional and have suggested a few buffs that would add an extra level of depth to her kit.


One proposal has garnered a lot of attention on Reddit, involving a new function for her tactical.

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There were 8 in-game Legends to choose from at the launch of Apex Legends.

Apex player suggests simple buff for Bangalore

The suggestion comes from Reddit user ZuVielPizza, who proposes Bangalore’s smoke should be able to counter Thermite Grenades.

The buff would allow players to extinguish the nades with her tactical ability by directly firing the smoke at the fire. This would permit Bangalore players to push through fire and play more aggressively.

ZuVielPizza also suggests that the ‘Smoke Launcher’ ability should be able to put out burning teammates. This would give her tactical ability a defensive use that squad’s with great communication could use effectively.


This is just an example of a simple idea that adds an extra level of depth to a Legend’s kit.

Simple Bangalore Buff concept from r/apexlegends

Overall, it’s a great idea for a simple and interesting buff to Bangalore. Often, a Legend doesn’t need a huge change or revamped ability, though just adding a small buff like this can be extremely satisfying for players.

It keeps the Legend’s gameplay fresh and gives veteran Bangalore players a new mechanic to learn. Fingers crossed for those who main her, Respawn takes notes and opt to implement this change in the near future.