Apex Legends players furious at “punishing” audio issues in Season 14

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Since the launch of Season 14 a few days ago, some Apex Legends players have encountered “punishing” audio issues.

Developer Respawn Entertainment unleashed Apex Legends Season 14 on August 9, most notably introducing players to a new hero – Vantage.

The recent update also ushered in changes to the Kings Canyon map, opening up areas that once felt a tad too claustrophobic in the heat of battle.

But players claim that Season 14 opened the door to a fair few issues as well, which may include frustrating audio bugs.

Audio issues plague Apex Legends following Season 14 launch

A Reddit thread started by Erikdlucas calls attention to audio bugs that bubbled to the surface following the release of Apex Legends Season 14.

The original poster claims they’ve experienced instances wherein “full squads” of enemies have approached in-game without making a sound.

Apparently, Erikdlucas isn’t the only one to have noticed the problem. Other Redditors such as respecire and Mss88b said teammate footsteps in Apex Legends now sound louder than those of enemy combatants. “Idk what it is with audio this season but it’s worse than ever,” respecire noted.

Many users also chimed in to report that sounds from behind the player or at certain distances may as well be nonexistent.

And general consensus in the thread suggests that though audio issues are more prominent in Season 14, they’re not exactly new to Apex Legends.

One player said they’ve had hard time hearing footsteps since last season, for instance. “The audio in Apex is never going to be fixed,” wrote ZorkFireStorm.

Specifics aside, Apex Legends players should practice caution in the heat of battle considering the apparently unreliable audio.