Apex Legends Arenas Honor system idea to punish leavers goes viral on TikTok

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Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode has proved incredibly popular, but the lack of leaver penalties is ruining the mode for many. However, one player thinks they have found a solution. 

Arenas is the latest mode to hit Apex Legends in Season 9, giving players the chance to flex their skills in 3v3 round-based firefights. Although the maps and player count may be smaller than the game’s regular battle royale mode, it has proven incredibly popular amongst the Apex community. However, like most FPS games there are a number of players that ruin the experience for others.

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As of writing, there is currently no penalty in place for those that leave the game – in fact, players can simply quit the mode and instantly begin queuing for another game entirely. This obviously leads to some incredibly one-sided games, leaving the remaining players to leave themselves or face getting crushed. However, one TikTok user has come up with an Apex Legends Arenas concept could help alleviate this issue for good. 

Apex Legends honor system explained

apex legends arenaRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Arenas matchmaking penalty has divided the community.

Playing any team-based game with fewer players has always been a frustrating experience, particularly when the match is winnable. Despite completely eliminating the issues of getting third partied, Arenas is still filled with plenty of players that leave at the first sign of losing. 

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Unlike Apex Legends regular battle royale mode, Arenas features no form of leaver penalty for any players that choose to quit. This has led to many disgruntled fans voicing their frustration online and calling for matchmaking penalties that punish those that ruin the game. 

“I don’t think matchmaking penalties are necessarily the way to go,” says @stereoomike. “Personally, I would love an honor-based system instead. If you quit a game, you get a certain amount taking off your honor score. If you keep quitting, that number goes down and down and down, until you’re paired with nothing but quitters.” 

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It’s certainly an interesting system and one that could potentially stop leavers from running rampant in Arena matches. Stereoomike also notes that this form of matchmaking penalty would also give leavers the chance to climb back up the honor system. “While the quitters are all busy circle-jerking themselves, the people who want to stick around and actually want to play the mode, will be paired together and actually have some fun.”

Despite the overall positive reaction to stereoomike’s concept, there have been a number of critics who have voiced their concerns. “This system doesn’t work at all,” writes @imEclpse. “CS:GO tried it and for seemingly no reason you will be against spinbotters, leavers, griefers, etc.” 

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Arenas spawn room in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Arenas definitely has its fair share of leavers.

Meanwhile, other players like @nappingbears gave a reason as to why they often leave Arenas matches. “How about they just fix matchmaking and we’ll be golden. It’s why I leave 90% of the time. The skill/rank levels being all sorts of messed up make the game unfun.”

There are also those that wish to keep leaver penalties out of non-ranked game modes, with players like @blueluigi456 stating that they often disconnect due to connection issues. “It would be very unfair for me personally, and to a lot of other people who leave matches because of a game bug.” 

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Whether Respawn will add some form of leaver penalty to the Arenas game mode remains to be seen, but it seems players are both for and against this honor system. What do you think, could @stereoomike’s idea work? Let us know by heading over to @TitanfallBlog!

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