Apex Legends April Fools update turns every weapon you ping into Mozambique

Mozambique pistol with golden glowRespawn

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment had a trick up their sleeves for April Fools’ day, turning every weapon you ping into a Mozambique.

The Respawn developers are no strangers to pulling pranks on players for April Fools Day. Since the battle royale’s release in 2019, the devs have had a joke ready.

For the past couple of years, Respawn has trolled players with the golden Mozambique pistol on April 1, as well as the golden P2020, which dealt an absurd amount of damage.

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Last year’s April Fools update left fans baffled, as the infamous Mozambique pistol turned into a Nessie launcher. This time around, the devs had a new trick up their sleeves, turning every weapon you ping into a Mozambique.

Apex April Fools’ update turns everything into a Mozambique

The classic golden Mozambique prank made its return on April 1, but with a bit of a twist. For this year’s April Fools’ troll, every weapon you ping turns into the infamous pistol.

It’s fair to say fans absolutely love the prank, with several Reddit threads praising the devs.

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“New April fools update is amazing,” one fan wrote. Another noted how the weapon description of a Havoc after being turned into Mozambique even throws a slight diss at players.

“Stop asking for Havoc select fire just let it go,” the weapon description reads. “It’s been so funny reading the descriptions. I keep dying because of the reading,” said one player.

“The baby Nessies are so effing cute to shoot out! Now I have to start an army!!! So much fun in this update!” said another.

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It’s fair to say the community has had an absolute blast with this year’s April Fools update.

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