Apex Legends appears to tease Blisk as next character

Blisk in TitanfallRespawn

Apex Legends players believe that they may have already found a handful of teases for the next legend, Blisk, even though some are expecting the appearance of other leaked legends.

Despite the fact that all signs pointed to the addition of Forge, Respawn threw in a devilish curveball with the start of Apex Legends Season four, adding the spooky Revenant to the Apex Games.

While players are still getting to grips with the synthetic nightmare – trying to master the Death Totem ultimate in order to win games – some fans have already turned their attention to what might come next. Although some have suggested that Forge could still appear, or we might even see Rosie/Loba, it appears that the hints are going elsewhere.

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Revenant in the Apex Legends Season 4 launch trailer.Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is the newest character in Apex Legends but could soon be joined by a few others, including Blisk.

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In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, FrozenFroh – who has pieced together a lot of the Apex lore jigsaw – pointed out that the next legend might very well be Blisk. 

Blisk, who will be a familiar name to Titanfall fans, has seemingly been teased since the launch of the battle royale but there a few more hints too. FrozenFroh pointed out that in one of the new loading screens, someone claims to be betting on ‘Kuben’ – which is Blisk’s first name.

There is also a nod to his disappearance in the pre-season four Revenant teaser, where nobody involved with the Apex Games has heard from him “in a year” and that he “could be dead” for all they know.

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Now, of course, there has been a tonne of leaked abilities for a number of legends in the past – with Blisk having his own supposed set come to the surface prior to the launch of season three.

The Apex commissioner also appeared on an alleged developer character testing sheet as a ‘future’ character, though he seemed to be way behind some legends that have already been released.

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Whether or not Blisk will ever be a usable character in Apex Legends still remains to be seen, but it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn drops any further hints. 

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The developers have only been releasing one character per new season but could change course if the backstory dictates so.