Apex Legends aim assist apparently “way stronger” on console than PC

Albert Petrosyan

Some in-game coding recently discovered in Apex Legends suggests that the controversial aim assist mechanic may be considerably more powerful for controllers connected to a console vs a PC.

The topic of aim assist has always been a controversial one in Apex Legends, especially when players on PC plug in a controller against their mouse-and-keyboard-using (M+KB) counterparts.

It’s been thrust back into the spotlight recently ever since Respawn Entertainment announced that crossplay will be coming to their prized BR, which means that players will now not only have to worry about coming up against controller on PC but also on console.

A recent discovery from prominent data-miner iLootGames has thrown a wrench into the discussion. The leaker has concluded, based on his findings, that an in-game setting makes console aim assist a whole third of a grading higher than on a computer.

“I thought this would be interesting information for pro players to look at and anyone that is curious if there is a difference between console and PC aim assist when using a controller,” iLootGames wrote.

He went on: “To sum it up, aim assist for controller is much stronger on console than it is when a controller is plugged into a computer. Think about the implications of this when crossplay comes.”

He certainly has a point; the upcoming launch of cross-platform support will mean that M+KB players will have to deal with a much stronger level of aim assist if they match up against console users. As it is, a lot of them complain that the help controller PC players get is already too strong.

Scuf GamingUsing a controller in Apex Legends has its advantages, but apparently more so on console than PC.

iLootGames’ findings, while new, aren’t totally out of the blue. CLG star pro player NiceWigg, one of the best controller players in the world, replied to the tweet by saying he’d been suspecting the same for a while.

The one good news is that Respawn recently confirmed that those on console will not be matched up against PC users unless they have someone on their team that’s on computer.

This is beneficial for both parties: console players won’t have to worry about getting dominated by those on more advanced rigs, while PC users won’t have to deal with the stronger aim assist.

Either way, fans will at least be comforted to have it verified that there is a difference in the mechanic’s strength based on which platform is being used. But whether or not that will play a larger role with crossplay remains to be seen.