Apex Legends adds new & improved protection against DDoS attacks on PC

Apex Legends DDOS mitigationRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has added Steam Networking code to Apex Legends in the Awakening patch that will aid to mitigate DDoS attacks and improve connectivity for players.

As Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart, the majority of players are always looking to improve and secure as many victories as possible.

While a lot of the community put hours of practice into increasing their gunskill and mastery of a Legend, others prefer to take shortcuts that break the in-game rules.

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A common cheating tactic used frequently in the higher tiers of Ranked is DDoSing, where a competitor will use software to crash the Apex servers, effectively providing them with a free win.

Well, Respawn has recognized that this issue is only getting worse and have taken action by introducing Steam Networking code in the Awakening patch.

Ash Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
DDoS attacks have become more common with every single new season.

Respawn add new protection against DDoSers in Apex

On June 21, reliable Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal revealed that Respawn has added Steam Networking code in the Awakening Collection event patch.

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This effectively gives Apex Legends a middle-man through access to the Steam network, providing improved protection from DDoS attacks for PC players.

Not only that, but the system also reportedly provides lower latency for the community across the world, enhancing the overall performance of the game.

If you’d like a detailed breakdown of how the networking APIs work, make sure to check out Steam’s dedicated blog post here.

Now Apex is connected to the network, it’ll be interesting to see how much of an impact it’ll have on the rampant DDoSing that occurs at the high tiers of Ranked.

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If it’s effective, it’s guaranteed to enhance the competitive experience, especially for those who put in the effort to reach Diamond, Masters, and Predator.

Overall, this is a huge step in the right direction, so let’s just hope Respawn continues to improve Apex’s defense against cheaters and hackers.

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