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Apex Legends ability idea would make Rampart the ultimate camper

Published: 15/Sep/2020 11:42

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has got an interesting concept that would change Rampart’s current passive ability and help her become the ultimate late game camper. 

After plenty of speculation, Rampart finally joined Apex Legends’ roster of character with the Season 6 update – with her abilities certainly being a change from the way Respawn usually does thing. 

As a result, you can regularly find Rampart, her Sheila minigun ultimate, and her amped cover throughout both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, but players have been begging for a buff of some kind.


Respawn have not yet confirmed if the legend will be receiving a boost at some point, but that hasn’t stopped players takings things into their own hands by devising a few interesting buffs – including one for her passive.

Rampart in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends season has given fans the chance to finally play as Rampart.

The idea comes from Reddit user NakolStudios, who suggests that the modder could tap into her creative side by changing out the additional ammo and magazine sizes from her current passive for the ability to repair and modify doors.

Yes, you read that right, repair and modify doors. The idea would be that if Rampart upgrades a door on a building, it could withstand more damage than normal from melee attacks or grenades. 


Combined with her amped cover, this could make the legend pretty difficult to displace if she and her teammates are cooped up in a building. 

New Rampart passive concept from apexlegends

While the idea is pretty interesting, and certainly something some fans might want to see, Rampart is more of a modder than a carpenter – so it might just be a touch out of her wheelhouse. 

Respawn have also previously stated that they are unable to flat out copy fan ideas so if they wanted to use the idea, they’d have to tweak it in some way – so you’d probably end up with something pretty different anyway.