Apex Legend player perfectly recreates tricky Octane Heirloom animation

apex legends octane prime gaming skin with heirloom knife header imageRespawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends fan decided to recreate part one of Octane’s balisong heirloom animations and it’s certainly an impressive sight.

Apex Legends’ various heirlooms are the rarest collectibles in the game, with hundreds of hours of playtime needed to possibly get one.

Those lucky enough to receive an Apex Legends heirloom are treated to some awesome animations, like Octane who flips and spins his gold-plated balisong, or butterfly knife.

Now, one Apex Legends player has perfectly recreated one of Octane’s balisong heirloom animations down to the specific hand motions.

Apex Legends recreates Octane heirloom animation

Apex Legends Stim trickRespawn Entertainment
Octane has one of the flashiest heirlooms in Apex Legends thanks to his gold-plated balisong knife that doubles as a stim.

Reddit user RingSound posted a side-by-side video of themselves performing the balisong trick compared to Octane’s in-game animation.

The portion of the animation that RingSound recreated started with flipping out the balisong, before bringing it in to twirl around the thumb.

Next, RingSound spun the knife to his pinky finger, twirling it around the finger a few times before they launched the knife in the air and caught it before it hit the ground.

After catching it, RingSound did a few more intricate flips and spins before ending the trick with the handles closed and the blade extended.

RingSound’s post garnered a positive reaction on the Apex Legends subreddit, with many users impressed by their skills on display.

Some commenters were concerned about how many times RingSound injured themselves learning this trick, but they assured them that it was just a trainer balisong with a dulled edge.

While RingSound said a trick like this “is possible to do” with a real blade it would be “impossibly hard.”

Balisongs have grown in popularity as of late, thanks to their appearances in popular games like Valorant and influencers like PewDiePie showing interest in them.

However, those interested in getting involved in the balisong community should be sure to start slowly and only with dull training blades to avoid injuries.