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Apex Legends

Apex Legends bug forces players to change characters and nobody knows why

Published: 9/Jul/2019 8:48

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered a new glitch that changes their selected legends moments before they are about to jump into a match. 

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The highly-anticipated Apex Legends Season Two was finally released on July 2, adding plenty of new content to the battle royale title – including a new Legend and a ranked mode.

Despite all the positive additions, fans have been stumbling onto a number of new bugs and errors too – including one that will change your legend selection before you even have the chance to react. 

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Respawn EntertainmentWattson was the newest legend added in Apex Legends Season 2.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user JumpFiction showcased a clip of himself and his friends waiting to jump into a match. Each player selected their Legends – a line-up of Caustic, Bangalore, and Wraith – before the squad moved on to the next loading screen, which shows tracked stats for each player. 


However, JumpFiction was left completely puzzled when his Caustic selection changed into Lifeline. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be a visual error as the Redditor ended up jumping into the game as the Medic, rendering him and his teammates pretty much speechless.

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After JumpFiction’s video of the incident went viral on the subreddit, other fans stated that they had run into the same bug. “That has happened to me and no one believed me,” added one user.

Another, YogiSquatch, added that a similar thing had happened to them in a recent game – reverting their selection of Wraith to a default skin while also removing any unlocked skins for their weapons. Thankfully for the Redditor, their account had not been reset by Respawn but they had stumbled onto an annoying and bizarre glitch. 


Comment from discussion This is a new one….

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While members of the Apex Legends development team do scour the subreddit for issues, none of them have responded to the new issue yet.

The team also set up a Trello page for major errors, allowing fans to see just what fixes and updates that they working on. This particular glitch has not been given a spot on their board so it’s unknown if they have picked up on it. 

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It remains to be seen if the annoying bug becomes more widespread than a few of the noted cases, or if it’s a temporary bug that can be fixed without much issue.