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Apex Legends dev responds to ‘messy’ gun glitch plaguing supply bins

Published: 2/Mar/2020 6:54

by Isaac McIntyre


Respawn Entertainment design director Jason McCord has responded to player concerns over a reoccurring glitch with Apex Legends supply bins that causes weapons and ammo to swap places, and players to pick the wrong loot.

Like anyone who has ever played a battle royale knows — whether it be Apex, or other titles like Fortnite or PUBG — loot is the most important part of the game. The weapons you find can be the difference between victory and defeat.

So, of course, players were up in arms when Apex’s supply bins, arguably the main source of gear in Respawn’s game, began bugging out. From swapping guns and ammo, to displaying the wrong items, the loot bins could no longer be trusted.


Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s loot bins have been leaving players with headaches in Season 4, thanks to an odd new glitch.

The bug itself came when players opened new supply bins. When trying to select a certain gun or item, players would see a different pop-up prompt to what they were hovering over. This would lead to players selecting the wrong items.

In a Reddit thread posted by miffed Apex player ‘HerefortheCapnCrunch’ on March 1, the issue can clearly be seen. While he’s aiming at a Peacekeeper, light ammo would be shown instead, and vice-versa for the ammo pile.

When he went to pick up the 40x stack of light ammo, the player would be prompted to grab the Peacekeeper instead. Strangely enough, the R301-Carbine beside the ammo seemed not to be affected by the same issue as the shotgun.


The video below first appeared in this Reddit thread.

The same issue has also plagued attachment and meds as well, meaning players have been left without barrels, stocks, and hop-ups they thought they’d equipped earlier, or stuck with no crucial healing equipment after a gunfight.

“The loot boxes right now are a mess. We need to keep reminding them that this is an issue,” the afflicted Apex fan said alongside his 22-second video revealing the glitched supply bin, and other fans agreed too.

“Honestly, yeah, can’t even begin to explain how much useless loot I accidentally pick up or stuff being taken out from under my nose because of this exact issue,” ‘bjorn_with_an_axe’ said in response to the March 1 clip.


Respawn Entertainment
Supply bins are supposed to be exciting, but right now they might just cost you the match.

Luckily, it seems like the major supply bin issue — and the problems it can cause for Apex players who are looting on the fly, or in a high-pressure situation — appear to already be on Respawn’s radar, as McCord revealed.

“Yeah, we know. We got a fix coming!” the title’s design director said, before thanking the player who had shared the clip for their help in highlighting the issue.

Unfortunately, McCord was relatively quiet on how they’re planning on fixing the problem, and when Apex players will be able to trust their eyes when it comes to supply bins again. There’s also relatively few details on Respawn’s Trello board.


This isn’t the first time Apex has had problems with looting either. Recently, players were left scratching their heads as death boxes — which drop chock-full of gear after a player’s death — would disappear underneath the map.

Supply bins have also failed to avoid controversy before too. In Season 2, the loot-filled bins became lethal jumping castles, which players could use to fire themselves far into the air if they timed the glitch just right.

Both of these bugs were coded out by Respawn soon after they were discovered, so one can only hope the new and potentially game-deciding glitch denying players the right loot is on the chopping block as soon as possible too.