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Annoying new Apex Legends item bug accidentally nerfs Mirage

Published: 16/Mar/2021 0:18

by Bill Cooney


The newly updated Gold Backpack in Apex Legends does allow you to carry more gear, but it also makes Mirage’s passive ability practically useless at the same time.

An update to gold-level backpacks was added in along with Apex’s March 9 update that also saw the Caustic Town Takeover event go live as well.

At first they seemed like minor cosmetic changes, but Mirage players soon found out they basically can’t use the item now without unintentionally nerfing the legend’s “Now you see me…” Passive.

Apex Legends Mirage Season 7 Trailer
Respawn Entertainment
The one legend that didn’t need a nerf for Season 8 was Mirage, but somehow he got one anyway.

This ability allows Mirage to cloak and go invisible when he’s reviving a teammate off the ground or with a Respawn Beacon, and to disappear and spawn a hologram when he gets downed as well.


Here is where the problem arises with the Gold Backpack: when someone has it equipped while reviving someone, there is now what devs call a “charged” effect to show that someone’s getting picked up. After the player is revived, they will also glow temporarily in the color of their shield to indicate that a Guardian Angel revive occurred.

If Mirage has a Gold pack on while reviving a teammate, that “crackle” of energy still appears even when he’s invisible and goes from a neat effect to a dead giveaway, practically making his passive useless when reviving a teammate mid-fight.


It honestly seems like the devs just forgot to change or disable the effects when he’s using the item, but the glitch is definitely not good news for Mirage mains either way since they can’t pick up the high-level bag without sacrificing one of the legend’s valuable stealth abilities.

There’s no word on when Respawn will implement a fix, or if there even aware of the bug at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated on when a solution is coming as soon as the news breaks (which will hopefully soon).

Until then if you want to avoid this bug, as much as it breaks our hearts to say it, you’re probably better off just not picking Mirage at all. That, or if you do roll with the Holographic Trickster anyways, just know the Gold Backpack might be tempting, but they will make you stick out like a sore thumb.