Annoying Mad Maggie bug nerfs her Riot Drill in Apex Legends Season 12

Connor Bennett
Mad Maggie running away from fire in Apex Legends

A bug with the interaction between Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill and Newcastle’s Mobile Shield has somewhat nerfed Apex Legends’ favorite warlord, and players aren’t too pleased. 

When Mad Maggie was introduced to Apex Legends back in Season 12, her abilities were immediately of interest to those aggressive, kill-hungry players that dominate in the Apex Games.

Thanks to her Warlord’s Ire, the Rebel Warlord is able to see, for a brief second, where enemies are scampering to after she’s dealt damage to them, and her Riot Drill also helps smoke them out of any potential hiding hole.

The Riot Drill is not only able to blast through bits of cover that are a part of the map, but also other legend abilities such as Crypto’s drone and Gibraltar’s dome. It had also been able to deal damage through Newcastle’s Mobile Shield, but not anymore.

Maggie's Tactical Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Maggie’s Tactical is Riot Drill, and it burns through cover.

A number of Redditors, including Sweatyeagle8497, have noted that, since the recent Awakening Collection Event update, Maggie is no longer able to deal damage through Newcastle’s shield.

As Sweatyeagle8497 showed in their clip, the Riot Drill will attach to the shield for a brief second, but it won’t explode into action. Instead, it’ll just act as if you’ve wasted ability, and the charge will be returned so you can try again.

Some players immediately drew comparisons between the Riot Drill and Loba’s Bracelet, seeing as the charge returns and you’re able to use it again instantly. “This season is just broken,” said one. “This was from this update, I have been fried by a Maggie while using Newcastle’s tac shield before,” added another.

The original poster noted that they’ve brought it to EA Help’s attention, but it’s unknown, as of yet, if it’s gotten through to Respawn’s team.

Given that it’s a bugged interaction, it can very likely be fixed through a hotfix rather a full-blown update, so maybe it’ll be addressed before long. We’ll just have to wait and see.