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Annoying Apex Legends looting bug prevents players picking up items

Published: 21/Mar/2020 11:39

by Joe Craven


A number of Apex Legends players are calling for Respawn to make adjustments to looting, as it has become clear that there are a number of glitches when it comes to picking up items.

When it comes to a battle royale game, looting is one of the most important features for developers to perfect. Players want a system that is quick and efficient, enabling them to focus on surviving and killing opponents. 

In general, Apex Legends’ looting system has been praised for being both quick and efficient, but, as the game approaches a year-and-a-half old, some players are taking issue with emergent glitches. 

Revenant had stronger older abilities
Respawn Entertainment
Season 4 saw the introduction of Revenant, but also a few undesirable bugs.

One Apex Legends fan gave a perfect example of this issue, asking why looting has become so inconsistent recently. 

Their annoyance was echoed by a host of other Apex Legends players, many of whom have experienced similar issues. 

Attached to the post was a clip showing a player opening a supply bin, before trying – and failing – to pick up the Heavy Ammo from in the bin. The game seems to push the player towards the weapon, much to the player’s irritation. 

Why is looting so inconsistent lately? (trying to pick up the ammo) from r/apexlegends

Many others agreed that the game tends to prioritize weapons over ammo, even if the player is doing their best to ignore the gun being offered. 

That moment when I hold down the key to switch the ammo with something in my bag but instead it drops my fully maxed out weapon and picks up the p2020 next to it,” one fan wrote. 

“Literally this, it seems to prioritize weapons over ammo but it messes up mah groove, PLEASE TURN IT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL,” another agreed. 

It seems multiple players are experiencing the same issues.

Judging from the responses of other players, the issue seems to be fairly widespread and affecting a host of fans on different platforms. 

Unfortunately, the issue is not yet listed on Respawn’s official Trello page, so a fix may be further away than most players want. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Horizon actor reveals bizarre way she helped make Season 7

Published: 25/Nov/2020 14:48

by Jacob Hale


The voice actor behind Apex Legends’ newest character, Horizon, has revealed the bizarre conditions in which she provided the voice, and it’s crazy to see where our favorite Scot came from.

Horizon was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 7, bringing a new set of abilities to the game, alongside new map Olympus.

The Gravitational Manipulator has been an instant hit with fans, so much so that we actually ranked her as one of the best legends in the game in our Season 7 tier list, behind only Wraith, Gibraltar and Bloodhound.

So, for such a fantastic character, Apex fans might expect a large-budget, Hollywood-esque production to get her voice lines and general character perfect… but that wasn’t the case.

Horizon Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon has been an instant hit in Apex Legends.

Season 7 launched on November 4, 2020, and after letting the dust settle a bit, Horizon voice actor Elle Newlands shared a brilliant video from when she was recording for the character.

Clearly excited, this is about as 2020 as it gets, as Newlands was confined to a tiny closet to get her work done.

“I had to capture this for posterity,” she started excitedly. “I just stepped out of my closet, it’s July 17, I’m in Los Angeles in a 2-foot by 3-foot closet where I have my little recording booth, and I just recorded facial recognition and voiceover for Season 7 of Apex Legends, and I’m the voice of Horizon… Aah!”

Clarifying that it was for the Season 7 trailer, Elle said she is “so excited” to be in the game, calling the fact that she’s doing it all from home “amazing.”

It goes without saying that it is amazing what Elle and the wider Respawn crew have managed to pull off, in her own words, to “keep the entertainment flowing” despite all the issues the world has been facing in 2020.

If this can be done in a 2x3ft closet in someone’s home, we can’t imagine the possibilities for characters in the future of Apex.