Annoying Apex Legends issue is causing Wraith players to die in the void

David Purcell
Wraith in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Wraith players in Apex Legends Season 4 are going to have to watch out for a new issue that can pretty much make their ability to enter the void useless. 

The character is one of the most popular in Respawn Entertainment’s booming battle royale game, although yet another in-game bug appears to be significantly tainting her ability to escape from danger and enter the void for a moment.

This isn’t the only potential glitch to have reared its head since the title’s last major update, with Revenant players experiencing hitbox problems and downed legends actually being able to melee opponents on the ground, although this new problem might be the most shocking yet.

Respawn Entertainment
Many changes have been made to Apex Legends in Season 4, but many bugs have appeared since the update went live.

The possible in-game bug was highlighted by Reddit user MagicznaFlet, who managed to capture footage of the problem and decided to share it with the Apex Legends subreddit.

They posted: “So, apparently you can die in the void now,” along with a video that shows Wraith experiencing heavy damage, before jumping into the void and then being fired at by another player. There has been a suggestion by some players, though, that this may be caused by lag. Though, that’s unconfirmed.

It’s unclear as to what the opponent could see during this clip, although it would appear that the Pathfinder who ran behind Wraith as she was knocked was able to do so using a grenade. Oddly, though, there was no explosion sound in the clip.

More than one player have experienced the same thing, too. One posted: “This has happened to me a couple of times. So annoying,” while another posted: “This happens to me once daily.”

Just like many other potential bugs in the Apex Games right now, this one is yet to be added to Respawn’s Apex Tracker Trello board, which is used to show fans the changes that are being implemented in new updates, as well as updating them on issues that are being monitored.

It’s unclear as to how much longer Wraith players may suffer while using their ability, but one thing is for certain. If this is a glitch, the character is certainly not the most favorable for selection if you’re looking to be crowned the Champions of the Apex Games.