Amazing Left 4 Dead 2 mods add Apex Legends and Fall Guys characters

Apex Legends in Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2 / Fall Guys

Left 4 Dead 2, the classic zombies survival game, is one of the most mod-friendly games on PC. With the right combination of mods, you can swap out pretty much all the weapons, characters and enemies with content from other games.

Apex Legends mods, adding weapons and Legends from Respawn’s battle royale, have been around for a while, but you can now also add in characters from Fall Guys and Among Us.

If you want to try out these mods for yourself, the process is fairly straightforward, but just taking a look at them in action is great on its own.

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Shared by @Loudwindow on Twitter, this mix of mods turns the attacking zombies into the Fall Guys jelly beans, your teammates into Lifeline, Gibraltar and Mirage, and the health packs into mini Among Us characters.

It’s not just these Legends, either. You can also get Bloodhound, Crypto, Wattson and Pathfinder as squadmates.

There’s some renewed hype about L4D2 currently, thanks to the Last Stand update — released on September 24. It added campaign content to play through, and you can make it truly bizarre with a near endless list of mods in the Steam Workshop.

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This is supposedly the final update the game will ever receive, so now’s the time to try it out and have some fun with the mods too.

The Last Stand update in L4D2Steam
Left 4 Dead 2’s Last Stand update is a ‘last stand’ for the game.

How to get Apex Legends & Fall Guys in L4D2

Weapons from Apex Legends are also available, such as the R-99 and the P2020 — you can even dual-wield them, which isn’t actually possible in Apex itself.

If you want to try out this Apex Legends mod in Left 4 Dead, you can subscribe to it on Steam. It’s not just limited to the Apex Legends universe, as weapons and pilots from Titanfall are also included.

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For the Fall Guys mod which turns the infected into Jelly Beans, check out the Workshop page.

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