All gold weapons you can find in Apex Legends Season 12

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apex legends season 12 gold weapon
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has shaken up the list of gold weapons in Apex Legends Season 12, with the addition of the Triple Take sniper rifle. 

Gold weapons – similarly to red loadouts found in Care Packages – are already built out with attachments of the highest rarity, making them extremely valuable pieces of kit in combat.

In the next major update, the game’s developers have confirmed the Replicators will have craftable weapons inside them for the first time ever, too.

But for those players scavenging around for the best tier loot available, there are five guns fully decked out in gold for Season 12.

apex legends triple take
Respawn Entertainment
The Triple Take is among the weapons that can spawn in its Legendary form this season.

Apex Legends Season 12 gold weapons list

The following guns will be spawning as fully gold builds throughout the course of Apex Legends Season 12:

  • RE-45  
  • Triple Take  
  • Peacekeeper  
  • Prowler
  • Havoc

Each of these can be found as ground loot or within loot bins, which will be scattered around the active maps: Olympus and Storm Point.

The former has been around since Season 7,  though fans can expect to see a long list of map changes when they load up the game after February 8, including new points of interest.

Shifted Grounds on Olympus
A new section of terrain has been added on Olympus.

It will be down to members of the Apex community to decide the best landing spots on each of those battlegrounds as Season 12 develops.

Even with significant changes to Olympus being confirmed already, fans will be hoping to cash in on the guaranteed gold loot locations on that map and be named the Apex Champion.

For more news on the new update, check out the full patch notes, Legend buffs and nerfs, as well as our profile page on Mad Maggie.

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