All Apex Legends trophies and how to unlock them

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Aside from just winning matches in Apex Legends and having the glory of being Apex Champions, you can also pick up numerous trophies and achievements. 

For most Apex players, being able to rise up the rise with wins, kills, and other stats is the goal. They want to top the leaderboards when it comes to being the best Apex squad around.

Of course, doing so is a different story altogether. There are so many talented Apex players who want the glory, it can be difficult to stand out from the pack. 

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Outside of that, though, you can also earn different trophies and achievements just like with any other game on PlayStation and Xbox. Though, they’re a bit easier to get than being number one in the world. 

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In total, there are 12 different trophies and achievements for you to unlock in Apex. Some are relatively easy, like equipping legendary armor in a game, respawning a teammate, and being named as the jumpmaster. 

Of course, that isn’t the case for all of them. Others take more time to unlock and require you to grind just a little bit, as well as use different legends. 

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Unlocking them all, if you haven’t done so already, will take a few hours, so you can easily boost your gamerscore and trophy collection. You can see all 12 trophies/achievements below:

All Apex Legends achievements and trophies

  • The Player: Reach player level 50 in Apex Legends
  • Decked Out: Equip a legendary helmet and body armor at the same time
  • Team Player: Respawn a teammate with their banner
  • Fully Kitted: Equip a fully kitted weapon (gold weapon)
  • Jumpmaster: Be named the Jumpmaster 5 different times
  • Well Rounded: Deal 5,000 damage as eight different legends
  • Kill Leader: Become the Kill Leader in a match
  • Apex Offense: Win a game as an Offensive legend
  • Apex Defense: Win a game as a Defensive legend
  • Apex Support: Win a game as a Support legend
  • Apex Recon: Win a game as a Recon legend 
  • Apex Legend: Win a game with 8 different legends

Unlocking these trophies/achievements won’t do anything for you in-game like unlocking new cosmetics, but they are a nice little boost to your account. 

So, if you haven’t gotten them all already, make sure to drop into Apex at some point soon and pick them all up.

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