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All Apex Legends Jump Tower locations & flight ranges in Season 6

Published: 13/Sep/2020 1:15

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends player mapped all of the Jump Tower locations across World’s Edge for people to get a handle on where they can be found on the map and how far they can take you in Season 6.

Jump Towers are the saving grace for Apex Legends teams who like to loot across far distances or stretch fights across different areas. With a relatively short climb before being launched, the structures can provide instant rotation options to open up the map.

Since one of the biggest blunders people usually find themselves committing in the Apex Arena is trailing too far off from the next ring’s boundaries or getting pinned down after being blind-sided by another team, positioning yourself close to Jump Towers while knowing how far they can take you can give players a major safety net in case something were to go wrong.


User ‘freedcreativity’ compiled all of their locations in the Season 6 iteration of World’s Edge, while mapping their estimated range for how far they’ll take you.

freedcreativity via Reddit
All the locations for World’s Edge Jump Towers in Apex Legends Season 6.

In all, there are 15 towers as well as three Geysers that Apex Legends players can use to get a lift off the map. While Geysers have a similar purpose, they only provide short-range travel for their immediate area.

While the distances mapped out for how far they can take you are “wonky,” according to the Redditor, the player still managed to span the entire World’s Edge map by hitting most of them along the way.


It should be noted that the estimated range is greatly influenced by not only the size of the structure but also the elevation on which it sits. So, the taller it is and the higher elevation it sits on both can lead to longer jumps.

Respawn Entertainment
Jump Towers in Apex Legends can be used for defense, offense, and looting.

But in general, the map above gives a great sense of how to string along Jump Tower dives to quickly get from one side of the map to another if the need should arise.

Something else that the map did is surprise a lot of players by revealing just how dangerous the dead-center of World’s Edge can be since there aren’t any towers or geysers to immediately fall back to.


Knowing where you can find Jump Towers is a crucial lifeline (no pun intended) if a match starts to hit a boiling point, so keep in mind where they’re located the next time you jump into World’s Edge.