Albralelie shares Gold item Apex Legends trick that makes Lifeline’s ultimate OP

Lifeline running in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment

TSM’s Albralelie has shared a little-known Apex Legends Lifeline trick that people are already calling overpowered, and it could be worth keeping tabs on as more players discover and begin using the trick.

Albralelie has a well-earned reputation as one of the biggest grinders in all of Apex Legends. The legendary pro has been at the top of the game for most of its young lifetime and has proven time and time again that he’s one of the best players out there.

That kind of dedication to Apex Legends is the reason he’s typically among the first to learn of various trick exploits that pop around the game – and this one for the community’s favorite Combat Medic is so strong people are already in disbelief before trying it for themselves.

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TSM Albralelie shares Apex Legends Lifeline trick that makes her ‘overpowered’

The premise is based around manipulating Lifeline’s ult, providing all Gold rarity items by using a bit of quick trickery.

As the TSM veteran explained, the Apex Legends care package loot isn’t determined until the moment a player opens it up. This “smart loot” system will examine the team’s loadout and provide useful items according to whatever a trio has equipped.

This means if a whole team has Purple helmets, backpacks, and knockdown shields, all they’d have to do is drop their weapons before opening up the drop to force the game into handing over Gold equipment.

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When the weapons are on the ground in Apex Legends, the internal system eliminates all attachments from the loot pool, as they would be useless for the person picking them up. A less impactful version of this has been around for a while, but players were only using it to farm Gold knockdowns. However, Albralelie (or whoever he learned it from) took things a step further.

While it will take time for other players to catch on to what’s happening with Lifeline, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the Legend pick rate charts to see if she begins to climb out of her middle-of-the-pack position.

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