Aceu explains why Seer is a pointless pick in Apex Legends

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Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has explained why it’s pointless to pick Seer when you could play Bloodhound instead.

When it comes to assembling a meta squad of Legends in Apex, one of the most essential requirements is the ability to scan enemies to identify their exact location.

This allows teams to position correctly, defend an opposing push, or track down a fleeing opponent to secure a kill.

Of course, there are quite a few Legends that can reveal enemies with their abilities, but Seer and Bloodhound are often the go-to picks for a lot of players.

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Well, Apex streamer aceu has explained why it’s always better to choose Bloodhound over Seer, and why the Ambush Artist cannot compete in the current meta.

Apex Legends SeerRespawn Entertainment
Seer has one of the lowest pick rates in Apex Legends.

Aceu explains why Seer is weaker than Bloodhound

During his June 2 stream, one of aceu’s viewers asked for his opinion on Seer, specifically in comparison to Bloodhound and the scan meta overall.

In response, he described Seer as “mid” and explained that the Ambush Artist is only good for “third-partying”, a strength aceu has praised him for in the past.

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When picking between Bloodhound and Seer, aceu made it extremely clear that he’d always go for the Technological Tracker, even going as far to say he’d rather have a “controller Bloodhound” than a Seer.

According to him, this is because Bloodhound can gain information on an enemy’s position and then use their Ultimate to push, whereas Seer has no abilities that allow him to play aggressively.

It’s no surprise aceu thinks Bloodhound is a stronger Legend than Seer as that appears to be the general consensus in the community.

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However, his comments on Seer’s third-party strength do demonstrate where the Ambush Master can thrive if a player is willing to lean into that playstyle and catch other squads off-guard.

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