Aceu explains why Pathfinder is a powerful pick in Apex Legends

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Pathfinder Aceu Apex
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Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has explained why Pathfinder is a strong pick for players who love to push their opponents and take aggressive gunfights.

Arriving with the release of Apex Legends back in 2019, Pathfinder is one of the most iconic characters on the roster and his wholesome voice lines make it impossible to dislike him.

With a kit that’s centered around mobility and making highlight-reel plays, he’s the perfect Legend for players who are always looking to style on their opponents.

However, despite having an 8% pick rate in Season 13, Pathfinder is rarely considered a meta choice for a squad and is often labeled as more of a fun Legend, rather than one that’s picked to secure victories.

Well, popular Apex streamer aceu has revealed that he believes Pathfinder is the best “pushing” Legend in the game, making him ideal for aggressive players.

Pathfinder Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is the most popular Legend in Season 13.

Aceu thinks Pathfinder is perfect for aggressive players

During aceu’s May 26 stream, one of his viewers asked for his opinion on Pathfinder and it’s safe to say the response took a lot of his fans by surprise.

Labeling the Forward Scout as the “best pushing Legend in the game”, it’s clear aceu believes Pathfinder excels when he’s on the front foot and being used by an aggressive player.

Aceu backed up his opinion by claiming that “no one can cover ground like Pathfinder”, with Octane being his only true competition.

The streamer even proved it by launching himself across the entire Firing Range in a matter of seconds with the grapple, showcasing how strong Pathfinder can be if you master his Tactical.

Unlike a lot of Legends on the roster, it’s incredibly easy to make a mistake with Pathfinder and get you and your squad killed.

However, if you’re willing to put in the hours and learn the intricacies of his grapple, it’s definitely time well spent as the Forward Scout can be a force to be reckoned with in the right player’s hands.

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