Aceu claims Wraith is the worst character in Apex Legends “by far”

Alex Garton
Aceu Apex Legends Wraith
Respawn Entertainment/Twitch: aceu

NRG Twitch streamer and former Apex Legends pro player aceu has claimed that Wraith is “by far the worst character” on the Apex roster.

Ever since the release of Apex Legends all the way back in 2019, Wraith has been a fan-favorite character in the community, with countless players choosing her as their main.

While she isn’t the dominant force she was back in Season 1 & 2, the Interdimensional Skirmisher still has an 11.4% pick rate in Season 10. This makes her the second most popular Legend in the game, just behind Octane.

However, although players are still locking in Wraith and dodging bullets in the void, former pro player aceu isn’t convinced she’s a strong pick in the meta.

Labeling her the worst character in Apex on stream, he suggested a set of other Legends his viewers should play instead.

Apex Legends Wraith
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends was released all the way back in 2019.

Aceu labels Wraith as a “terrible” character in Apex Legends

During his September 27 stream, aceu was asked by a viewer whether he preferred Octane or Wraith. To the surprise of many, the streamer didn’t hesitate to label the Interdimnesial Skirmisher as the “worst character” in Apex Legends.

According to him, Respawn’s set of heavy nerfs in past seasons have made her a shadow of her former self, meaning she’s significantly worse than the other meta characters.

One of the nerfs aceu is no doubt referring to is the delay put on her Tactical, meaning she could no longer enter the void immediately. On release, it was an instant effect and made escaping foes incredibly easy.

“Wraith is the worst character in this video game, by far the worst character in this video game… they nerfed her into the ground, they f**king put her up, RKO’d her”.

Instead of picking Wraith, aceu recommends that players pick Octane as tap strafing is still in the game, making him a top-tier choice.

If running at high speed isn’t your idea of fun, aceu suggests manipulating gravity with Horizon and using your lifts to get the upper hand over your enemies.

While it’s clear aceu is using hyperbole when describing Wraith as the worst character in the game, it shows how far she’s fallen in his eyes and how much of an impact the nerfs have had on her kit.