Aceu claims “busted” R-301 needs nerf in Apex Legends

Aceu R-301 Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/Aceu

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn thinks the “busted” R-301 is “too good” and deserves to be nerfed.

Apex Legends has a massive arsenal of weapons for players to choose from that all thrive in different situations.

Whenever any of these guns become too strong or takeover the meta, Respawn has to step in and add some balance changes.

Despite this, since the release of Apex, there’s been one AR that’s always been reliable, easy to use, and immensely powerful. We’re of course talking about the R-301.

Well, according to aceu, although he absolutely loves the weapon, the R-301 is “too good” and he’s confused why the devs have never nerfed it.

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R-301 Apex Legends skinRespawn Entertainment
The R-301 has very little recoil, making it easy to laser beam opponents.

Aceu explains why R-301 is too strong in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, one of aceu’s viewers asked him what his go-to weapon is in Apex Legends and he revealed that he’s a “301 enjoyer”.

Despite loving the AR, aceu did reveal that he thinks the R-301 is “busted” and “too good” compared to the other options available on the ground.

With minimal recoil, high damage output, and deadly hip-fire accuracy, the R-301 has very few weaknesses, making it top-tier in nearly every situation.

As a result, aceu is confused about how the weapon has been “hard meta” for years, but the “devs still don’t want to nerf it”.

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As a suggestion to help balance the R-301 and ARs in general, aceu put forward the idea of heavily nerfing hip-fire.

This would push players to use SMGs more for close-quarters gunfights, especially when they have a laser-equipped.

However, this would be a major change to Apex and likely a nerf a lot of fans would not support.

Either way, the R-301 is still destructive in Season 15, so seek it out in your matches if you struggle with recoil.