Aceu calls for more meta changes in Apex Legends after “underwhelming” Season 13

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Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has criticized Season 13 for being “underwhelming” and not shaking up the meta enough.

Season 13 arrived in Apex Legends on May 10 and the community has been enjoying all the new content that arrived with the major update.

Although the patch introduced a set of balance changes, the major additions included the new Downed Beast POI on Storm Point, Ranked Reloaded, and of course, Newcastle.

While a lot of players are satisfied with what Saviors has brought to the table, popular Apex streamer aceu has been critical of the content that’s been added in Season 13.

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Despite praising the massive Ranked rework, he’s described the update as “underwhelming” and encouraged Respawn to make more drastic meta changes in the future.

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Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother Jackson.

Aceu thinks Apex Legends Season 13 is “underwhelming”

During his May 10 stream, aceu was asked by one of his viewers for his thoughts on Season 13 and all of the content that’s arrived in Saviors.

In response, he revealed that although the Ranked Reloaded rework has been positive, the rest of the update feels relatively “underwhelming”.

Encouraging Respawn to “switch it up” for upcoming seasons, aceu wants to see the devs “change the meta” with significant nerfs Legends like Valkyrie and Gibraltar.

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In his eyes, the only major change in terms of gameplay has been the “guns swapping” out of the care package, so it’s clear aceu isn’t particularly excited about the arrival of Newcastle.

While Season 13 has been received positively by the community so far, aceu isn’t the only one who has called for major changes to seasonal updates going forward.

A lot of players have already requested that Respawn focus on character reworks and balancing instead of new Legend releases every three months, but it’s impossible to know if the devs intend to alter their process going forward.

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Either way, with a collection event on the horizon now Saviors is released, it’s safe to say aceu will be expecting a Valkyrie nerf when the patch notes finally drop.

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