Apex Legends

5 unreleased Apex Legends characters leaked by data miners

by Connor Bennett


New Apex Legends leaks have surfaced, pointing towards a whole host of new Legends being added to the game at some point in the future. 


Data miners have been scouring the game’s files since the recent March 6 update, discovering a a wide range of new things. Two weapons, a Flamethrower and a Remote Turret, were uncovered on March 8 before leakers also stumbled on to a potential Night Mode for the Kings Canyon map.

Now, it looks like they may have uncovered a whole host of new Legends - in addition to the previously leaked new Legend, Octane.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
New Legends look set to join the current selection - which could alter the game's meta in a big way.

Twitter user ApexLeaksNews tweeted out screenshots of legends that are alledgedly a work-in-progress that have been discovered in new texture files for the game.

The screenshots show these new Legends spliced in-between current Legends like Bloodhound and Caustic. While the photo can be difficult to see, one character that stands out looks to wear a skull-mask while being kitted out with a helmet and armor plating up to its neck. 


There is currently no official confirmation on a release date for these additions, or even what their names may be in-game. We already know a number of details about Octane - with some details about a Legend named ‘Wattson’ also surfacing recently.

As with any leak of game information, there’s a chance that plans could change - meaning these characters may not be released in their previously leaked form or, perhaps, with a different name.

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