5 “golden rules” to winning 1v3 fights in Apex Legends

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Winning fights against one enemy is a task of its own in Apex Legends but against a whole squad? Near-impossible when you don’t know what to do. These five “golden rules,” courtesy of ‘Apocallypsee,’ will help you get out of those sticky situations and land on top.

Everyone has single-handedly fought against a whole squad at least one time in Apex Legends, maybe because you’re entire team was eliminated or you just landed in an unlucky spot.

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Either way, it’s not a pleasant experience, and unless you’re a very high-tier player, these sorts of situations almost always end with the same result: the side with the player advantage ends up on top.

To help you shift the odds back in your favor, or at least make them less daunting, Apex Legends player, “Apocallypsee” has posted a guide which breaks down the most important strats when in a 1v3 situation.

Octane inside Apex Legends Season 6Respawn/EA
The high-speed Daredevil is one of Apex’s most popular characters.

How to win 1v3s in Apex Legends

Use your enemy’s overconfidence in your favor

Any squad that goes against one player will feel almost invincible as the odds in a fight are greater on their side. Using that overconfidence against them, you can set up the battle from the get-go as the enemy team is more likely to rush you.

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Once you’ve gotten their attention, you can start utilizing whatever area and cover you have around you and, if possible, use your abilities to hinder or damage your opponents. Lulling them into thinking you’re not a challenge will make them prone to making mistakes since their guard is down, which will help you take them out.

Split up the enemy

Dividing and conquering your enemies is essential with 1v3 fights, as it’s easier to pick off one player than it is two or three at the same time.

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By splitting up the opposing team, you’re given the ability to take things slow and play in your favor and eliminate your opponents one by one, without having to be overwhelmed.

G7 bug Apex Legends Season 6Respawn Entertainment
Players who have loadouts with both short and long-ranged weapons are most likely to win fights.

Always thirst the first enemy

Thirsting is basically eliminating the enemy immediately after knocking them down, which is commonly used when players are greedy or are in dire need of healing items during a fight.

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In 1v3 situations, you should always thirst the first opponent since it neutralizes one of the threats and makes sure that the enemy can’t just revive their fallen teammate or heal them. Failing to do so can put you right back at the same disadvantage and essentially waste your initial efforts.

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Use high ground to your advantage

Having a higher vantage point offers endless opportunities for decision-making. For example, figuring out where to go, where to take cover, or determining how far each enemy is apart.

By using high ground in your favor, you can start mapping out the locations of each of the remaining opponents. After doing so, you can begin confusing them by playing mind-games from your advantageous position and surprising them from unique angles.

Worlds edge map in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The World’s Edge map has plenty of tall buildings that you can be good for outplays.

Be defensive and aggressive by utilizing cover

After all that fighting and singling out opponents, you might be low in health or reloading, which is the perfect chance to play peek-a-boo with your opponents as you take a breather after all that intense action.

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Using cover to play both defensively and aggressively by weaving and bobbing behind objects or buildings and utilizing that movement to fire; some shots will give you the upper hand in winning the fight and staying alive because the enemy won’t be able to shoot back at you.

That concludes the five “golden rules” that anyone can follow to help win 1v3 situations during matches. These tips and tricks will help players learn how to become better at handling more than one enemy during fights and finishing on top, despite the clear disadvantage.

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